Ready-Retail Packaged Catnets

Catnets has a new range of products tailored to the retail sector. As most retail outlets don't have the space or capability to supply netting sheets in general, we have developed a range of prepacked and barcoded nets.

These Catnets are supplied in a clear Zip-locked bag The clear packaging allows the customer to see the netting product without the need to open a carton. it also has a convenient handle which can be used to hang the nets for display.

Our "ready-retail" catnets are a fantastic opportunity for sale in:

  • Retail Pet Stores
  • Online Pet Stores (Drop shipping available)
  • Vet Clinics

To view wholesale pricing on our range of "ready-retail" catnets, please contact us below with your store and contact details.

Once verified, we will reply with your Wholesale Login and Password.

You will then be able to view the retail packaged products and order online.

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