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Great Quality

Great quality netting which is cat-proof thanks to the stainless steel reinforcement. Super easy to install and the zipper door is a great addition to make the cat enclosure accessible from all points of our patio.

Balcony Cat Enclosure

My netting by-the-metre is allowing to create a balcony enclosure where I am not allowed to attach it to the brickwork. Even though a work in progress my 2 tittle gingars are loving venturing into the wider world from the sky

This worked perfectly for our catio. We have a 1 year old cat who thinks he's Tarzan and consistently climbs the netting and hangs off it, and it doesn't even budge or come close to stretching or ripping. Plus they like to smooch on the knots in the netting, so that's a bonus.


He loves peeking out!!


Enclosed half our back patio with a roll of netting and my cats are loving it , best netting out there and it was super fast getting here and I am in a very remote town , highly recommend to buy catnet and make your cats happy and safe, best thing I ever did 😊😊😊

Game Changer

Our cats were outside cats in NZ with a forest for a back yard and have now had to become "inside" cats. They were very frustrated until we set the Catio up. It took a while to decide how to connect it to our home. They spend all day outside now :)
They do think the tunnel is a perfect place to view the world....causes a traffic jam at times :)


Just taking over the business I find ordering stock is the easy part of the job and a great site to deal with .

Cat protection outside

Really happy with the cover. Protects from sun and rain which allow outdoor fresh air time.

Such an easy flow to order and to install

The items arrived, we have now put the nets up and the cats love it. The customer service was exceptional in the process of ordering and then in the process of installation. Thank you as I have now got an area for my beautiful boys and I know they are safe.
The zip is not yet on it but will soon be installed. We are letting them get used to

Best experience with cat nets!!!!

100/10 we had the best experience with cat nets! We built a large cat net around our entire back yard, our cats are SO happy! Cat nets had absolutely everything we needed, from the hardware to the netting to the video tutorial! So good buying everything from one place, and shipping was so fast! We wouldn’t have been able to do it without cat nets, especially appreciated the tutorials. We’re not very handy people but it was so easy to set up after we watched the tutorial. I 1000% recommend, so amazing to see an Australian brand selling cat nets, especially as there’s no other brand that sells them. Seriously couldn’t have gotten our kitties outside without them! Photo of our cat trying to get out and failing! I was nervous about them being able to get out, but they have tried every single way and haven’t been able to escape!

Catnets enclosed - stage 2

Earlier this year we had a Catnets enclosure built for our 2 new cats. We were so impressed with the enclosure and the quality of the materials that we decided to extend the enclosure and add a zipper between the 2 zones and another to access zone 2. The zippers were so easy to install and matched the very high quality of everything else we purchased from Catnets. I have recommended Catnets to friends who have also used these products to build enclosures . My research have found Catnets materials to be extremely good value for money.

Very good

Wire Rope Bulk 25m Roll
Hamish Weipers
Works amazing

Out little escape artist can’t climb this! Feels great quality is great at holding up the netting and will be buying again when we expand our catio.

Love catnets!!

Cat Netting 10m x 5m Black
Caroline Maycroft
Amazing product

This has been our third purchase of cat netting and each time the service and product has been fantastic
Thank you

Lite Portable Cat Enclosure 2.3m

Our cat loves her new enclosure. The enclosure is great quality. It was very easy to assemble and the delivery was super fast.

Happy cat!

Perfect netting to enclose my outdoor area for our cat. Installation videos were great with tips on how to secure it. Also easy to adjust the netting size and add extra netting using the rope thread. Highly recommend watching the videos before you order so you know exactly what you need. We have one happy (and safe) cat!

The cat grass is so lush and green. I have purchased 3 orders of it

Cat netting

Used 40 meters of cat netting for my cat run and its a great product,highly recommend

Good quality net

Love the product. Fast delivery.

Fence extension posts

I purchased these as part of my project to contain my very cheeky and free spirited Maine Coon kitten. They are easy to install, and provide a sturdy frame to install the netting.

Fast shipping, great product

Amazing website that helped me from start to finish with my cat enclosure project!