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Lite Portable Cat Enclosure 2.3m

My cat not happy🤣😅😂

Love the ease to install these along the tops of our fence line here, will provide photos as soon as the job is finished. As always my cat/s enjoy entire backyard full of fruit trees and other plants etc…being coastal and semi rural we don’t want climbers, LOL, as there’s a protective wildlife habitat nearby mainly birds. Maintaining cat's happiness without being locked in and a very very nice abode to live in being an outdoors cat. CatNets is a great product and I wish I knew about it before installing now rusted perimeter toppers. Cheers.

Portable Cat Enclosure

I didn’t know whether my cat Lulu would like the enclosure but she absolutely loves it. I can’t recommend it enough to anyone thinking of getting one. Lulu now enjoys time in the garden as she is an indoor cat.

Life saver

My new rescue cat is very scared of my old ginger boy and the Trek enclosure has allowed me to keep the two cats separated - an enclosure within the existing enclosure; hoping they adjust to each other soon.

Cat net

Very strong good quality and quick delivery

Great and versatile

Easy enough to stretch over the frame I built and keeps our cat from exploring the world


COULDNT be more satisfied with not only the product received, but the timely fashion it arrived and all the necessary information for DIY set-up. DIY information made it such a quick and easy install.

Great size

The catnets are a great size and the cats took to them straight away. Great quality.

Outside at night

My cats love their new catio. I chose the small model so it my 2 Ragdoll cats could go outside whenever they want. My property is cat fenced so they go outside in the day when I’m home but I have been keeping them inside at night and when I’m away in the day. Both the cats use the catio a lot so I am very happy with my purchase.


My cats love it, was easy to assemble. Would definetly recommend

Highly recommend

We purchased the 3.6m portable cat enclosure. It is an amazing size! Plenty of room for a scratching post, hammock, food and litter, oh and don't forget the two cats 😁. The netting is strong and safe keeping the cats in and predators out.

Cat loves it

She was unsure at first but now she goes nuts, rolling around all over it when she gets the chance!

Great solution

I built a catio with bird wire but needed one soft side with a door. Catnets was the absolute perfect solution!

Great product, the cats are loving the enclosure

1.8m enclosure

The enclosure is excellent and I have recommended it to 3 friends already, the optional accessories are over priced, did not come as expected and did not really meet requirements. The enclosure itself is large, durable and fairly straightforward to set up. Fits the job and my bengal cats love it

Santees Balcony

I recently moved my 13 year old Birman and myself to a new home...he had an enclosure at the last house and now has a lovely enclosed balcony to watch his birds and smell the lovely outdoor smells and see the great views

Fits exactly as it says. Has made a huge difference to access. Quality products with great instruction videos.

Cat net

Fantastic solved all our enclosure problems here in NZ highly recommend.

Great product

Great enclosure my cats enjoy it

Great product as expected, was able to assemble with 1 person (2 are recommended), so took longer than they say. But got it done.
Cats still getting used to it. But nice being able to put the outside and not have to worry about them running on to fairly busy road. Outside house.
Don't know why people seem to treat roads as racetracks.

Highly recommend 👌

Best Purchase

Absolutely thrilled with our 3.6-meter cat enclosure! It's spacious, sturdy, and provides our feline friends with the perfect outdoor sanctuary. Installation was a breeze, and the quality craftsmanship ensures durability. Our cats are loving the freedom to roam and play safely. The black net design offers a sleek look while still providing excellent visibility. Couldn't be happier with this purchase – it's truly a purr-fect addition to our home!

Free standing cat enclosure

Our Caspian loves the time he apends safely outside in his cat enclosure. The best product to guarantee a happy boy.

Excellent product

Really like the cat netting, fast delivery. The stone is really nice and more ‘minimal’ for the balcony than the black. U staples are fiddly to use but it gets easier the more you do!

First Class product and Service

We have 4 cats and just moved to a rural acreage block with snakes galore. Having made a 10m X 10 M enclosure we needed to ensure snakes could not get in nor cats get out. The snake issue has been addressed with Pawguard. 1.4 m high around the whole enclosure. Order arrived promptly, installation was smooth.

1.8m enclosure

My cats absolutely love this and they love being able to spend time outside in the fresh air now and we’re enjoying having our doors open throughout the day without worrying about the cats getting out!