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You may not realise it, but your cat could be roaming the streets.

Protect your cat from the risk of fights, becoming lost, disease, or being injured or killed by a vehicle.

There may also be heavy penalties if your cat is found roaming the streets.

Research shows indoor cats, or cats that are contained outdoors, live longer lives than cats who roam free. This is no surprise, reducing the threat of fights, dogs, foxes, snakes, theft, becoming lost, disease, and the most significant risk of being injured or killed by a vehicle.

Protect your precious cat with a Portable Cat Enclosure or with our custom netting solutions, that can be seamlessly integrated into your outdoor space.



Australia has one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world, with over a quarter of Australian households owning a cat. There are approximately 6.5 million cats across Australia, covering some 99% of total landmass, and pet cats accounting for around 3.77 million of the total cat population.

Sadly, pet cats in Australia collectively kill 390 million animals per year, with many species now extinct because of predatory events.

As a cat owner, you have an important role to play in reducing the impact that cats have on our wildlife and protected species. 

You may not even realise that your cat is getting out at night and may not know that there could be heavy penalties if your cat is found roaming the streets.

Containment of your cat is a step in the right direction to help protect our wildlife.

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In addition to keeping your cat enclosed, there are many ways to care for and protect your cat and become a more responsible cat owner. These include early desexing of your cat, vaccinations, microchipping and a good diet. Your Veterinarian is the best source of advice when it comes to the health of your cat. As well as regular health check-ups, always seek medical advice if your cat is showing any signs that it may be sick.

You should also discuss any behavioural changes with a behaviour professional to help maintain your cat’s overall wellbeing.

Creating a sanctuary at home where your cat feels safe and happy is important. Research shows that a mentally and physically stimulated cat is happier and healthier, and as a result may live longer.

Ensure your cat’s outdoor enclosure is set up according to its environmental and behavioural needs. These needs may centre around its age, personality, and basic need for rest, play and stimulation. 

All cats need vertical space, so be sure to add some climbing furniture into the enclosure. Some toys to keep them entertained and stimulated are also important, and scratching surfaces to satisfy their basic animal instincts.

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