Should I Let My Cat Outside?

Whether you’re a new cat parent or you’ve lived with cats for years, you’re likely still trying to figure out how to keep them happy, safe and stimulated. Perhaps one of the biggest questions when you own a cat is whether you should let them outside?

Contrary to popular belief, cats can live and enjoy a happy and healthy life when properly contained within the backyard. If you want to keep your fluffy friend safe outdoors, here are a few things to consider:


Councils are introducing Cat-management by-laws to help minimise the impact of roaming Cats on their surrounding environment. Compulsory curfews, along with fines for fouling public places, have increased the demand for enclosed safe & stimulating outdoor Cat areas.

Here is a recent article discussing the controls that some councils are implementing across Australia here:
Councils to introduce cat curfews to limit prowling at night

Other pets in the area

Cats can be territorial and may occasionally get into an altercation. As a result of this, Cats can become frightened and run away. Even if they know their way back home, they may feel threatened and not return. Research has also shown that the overwhelming majority of incidents involving cats occur at night. These studies have also shown that cats restricted at night live up to 3 years longer on average.

Unfortunately, cat scratches and bites can result in transfer of bacteria into the skin and cause infections that may require treatment at the vet clinic.

Cats can also get the flu, just like us, but it’s their own version of a feline upper respiratory tract disease. It is also important that your feline family have all their vaccinations, as many are preventable. But the best course of prevention is to avoid exposing your cats to those outside your core family.

Nature & Native Wildlife Risks

When cats are roaming free, we can’t control their each and every action. Cats may interact with something in their surrounding natural environment that they shouldn’t, such as lilies, mice, rats, or birds. These types of exposures can also lead to illness.

Numerous studies have also shown the devastating impacts roaming cats can have on the native wildlife in the surrounding areas. Here is a recent article explaining some of the effects on the environment that Cat Owners can be unwittingly unaware of:
Push to reduce wildlife killed by domestic cats


Cats are curious creatures and naturally like to wander about. However, not all neighbours may share our same love for cats, and neighbourhood nuisance complaints can become a point of tension in your street.

Furthermore, urban streets can obviously be a risk to wandering cats. This is especially when they cross a busy street surrounding your property. Injury from motor vehicles is a common and ever present danger for a roaming cat.

A Safe & Secure Cat Enclosure Solution

After considering all those points, you might ask yourself “Should I let me cat outside?”. Well, there are solutions that will allow your cat to live a long, safe and happy life in a contained safe environment.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could let our cats roam outside, yet still keep them safe? If your cat keeps on begging to be let outside, yet you find you’re too busy to put them on a harness and leash, you could consider Cat Netting and Outdoor Freestanding Cat Enclosures that allow cat owners to provide a secure and fun space for their cats, right in their backyard.

These enclosures keep your cat or cats safe and secure from predators and the dangers of native wildlife. Your cat will feel safe, secure and will love watching the birds from a high vantage point within the space. You can even place a litter box and cat bed down, along with food dishes and toys. There are a variety of different types and sizes that can be set up in the middle of the yard, or attached to your patio or window, providing access to the house through a cat door and cat tunnel.

Netting is an ideal material for use as a cat enclosure. It has many benefits including the fact that (as it is affordable), you can create large space that can be filled with stimulating outdoor cat furniture.

Cat netting is also:

  • versatile and easy to work with
  • looks fantastic (Low-Vis) and doesn’t have a heavy and overbearing presence

Cat netting can be used to convert your unused outdoor space from fence to a house, to enclose a balcony, verandah or even your entire backyard. This is the most natural type of safe environment to create, but if you prefer a specific space, our classic range of enclosures can be set up for both you and your pet to enjoy. There are also additional accessories which can be added at a later date, such as enclosed tunnels or even Skywalk Outdoor Cat Furniture.

Please visit Catnets to find out how to help create your cat(s) a safe and stimulating outdoor space, designed to bring happiness to your family and your cats.